What is 120?

The name started as a drink Ryan used to serve at Grange Resturant and Bar in the Citizen Hotel, in Sacramento California.  It was a “tongue in cheek” calorie count.  Ryan would check the ingredients with a "google verified" calorie count in a wink wink kinda way.  In the end it’s a great, simple, fresh, and lightly sweetened “fancy” vodka soda.

This drink is approximately a double, of the 6 oz drink Ryan used to serve.  We could not get the calories checked until it was produced it.  So now a few cans are in a lab somewhere where they are figuring out the calorie count.  Ryan added about 12 grams of sugar per can.  There is also 2.5 ounces of 80 proof premium vodka, all natural raspberry, lemon juice, and this amazing mint from one of Sacrmento's local farmers.  Suzanne at Del-Rio Botanicals.  She grows her mint organically right on the Sacramento River.  Her farm is a stunning place to pick up produce!

Ryan takes the fresh mint and infuses it with 190 proof vodka right from the still.  The proof pulls all of the fresh color and flavor out of the mint and in less then 24 hours this...

120 is also the angle of the woman on the label.  Ryan met the painting's model when he hired a circus act to perform for a circus themed party.  She could hang upside down for minutes on end and keep her composure and beauty.  


120 is also the angle of the top of the can when you are taking a drink!  Bottom line...the name seemed to fit the drink, so give a pull and see what you think!